What does RisqLogic offer merchants?

RisqLogic secures the best possible defense against chargebacks (whether they are soft-chargebacks or regular chargebacks) with professionalism and maximum efficiency,

Representments are processed quickly and thoroughly with 100% transparency.

How does RisqLogic win representments?

Successful representments are created when operators maintain 1) a structured KYC procedure 2) communication records 3) transaction and trading history and can relay this data quickly in each case they submit.  However, of equal importance is the research and analysis of this and finding the key pieces of evidence to defend the merchant – as well as the presentation to the Acquiring Bank appointed representative .

How do I register with RisqLogic?

Simply contact us and we will give you the overview.

Each operator comes in with a different amount of knowledge and background regarding chargebacks. We will give over what you need to know and provide us to best defend the company against fraud.

Is every chargeback worth fighting?

No. Depending on a number of factors – RisqLogic knows which cases are worth fighting and which are not worth fighting.  We will not waste your time or money on fruitless representments.

How fast are representments processed?

As the representment must be submitted between 30-45 days after the Issuing Bank has been notified by the customer, RisqLogic works fast to analyze the client information and put together the strongest representment possible to win the decision.  We guarantee every representment to be filed on time.

How can I get more information?

Please call Michael Primus, Head of Business Development at RisqLogic.
+1 929.235.1647 or email m.primus@risqlogic.com