Chargeback Recovery Done Right.

  • Chargeback Recovery For Financial Operators
  • 100% Turnkey Protection
  • Established Relationships With All Major PSPs
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Why repeatedly lose your money to friendly and fraudulent chargebacks?

Representments done right to recover your funds

Protecting your interests in the fight against fraud

Chargeback Recovery

Investigative Analysis of Client Data

There are many factors in the representment which greatly effect the outcome. Risqlogic investigates the key pieces of the evidence and presents the case in line with every major PSP’s set-forth protocols.

RisqLogic Management System

Chargeback Data Submission

Utliziling RisqLogic’s Chargeback Management System, brokers can easily submit new chargeback data and follow in real time any of their representments status and/or progression with 100% transparency.

Client Support

Recovery of Funds

Chargebacks present a great vulnerability for financial operators. As such, RisqLogic protects it clients and provides the much needed support, transparency and confidentiality in its recovery of clients’ unnecessary losses.

Chargeback Recovery Done Right.

  • Every Representment Contains Unique Factors
  • We Locate & Highlight the Fraud
  • Presenting the Argument in a Step-By-Step Fashion
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Quick Processing with 100% Transparency

Clear Summations of All Found Evidence

Singular Focus

Fraud After the fact

Once a chargeback process has begun, it is necessary to act immediately. RisqLogic answers this need with singular focus.

Safeguard Your PSP

Diminshing Chargeback Ratios

We safeguard operators’ ability to accept credit cards becomes endangered if their chargeback ratio reaches critical levels.

Immediate Support

Case by Case

RisqLogic gives new and already established operators instant, top-level support to defend against every chargeback.

RisqLogic Representment Process

RisqLogic Studies Chargeback

RisqLogic Prepares Representment

PSP Is Provided Representment

Notification of Results Issued

Follow Up Pending Arbitration

Additional Support If Necessary